How to subscribe PlanetFiber GigaNET

1. Juristic persons of your condominium

2. PlanetFiber Call Center โทร. 02-792-2444

3. Official Line : @planetfiber

4. Facebook page : PlanetFiber

5. Website : www.planet-fiber.com

6. E-mail : planetfiber@planetcomm.co

Payment Channel

The bill payment services offer an easy way to pay internet service bills. You can pay your own as well as others’ bills through direct debiting from savings or current accounts or pay in cash through any of 3 channels of your choice.

             1.   Bank branch

             2.   ATM

             3.   Mobile banking application /Internet banking

Currently, we support only three banks for bill payment such as Siam Commercial BANK (SCB), Kasikorn BANK (KBANK) and Bank of Ayudhaya (BAY).

How to calculate charge

Example of Invoice – First Bill Image

The customers who activated the service before 19 September 2016
You can view example of how to calculate service charge on your first bill


Your first bill be charge from started service till end of period date (end of month) and full monthly fee in advance for next month service.

  1. How to calculate charge from started service date to end of period date

= No. of service days  x Monthly fee

No. of days in Period (28, 29, 30 or 31)


= 15 x 999 = 547.84 บาท

Troubleshooting / Basic troubleshooting for not being connect to the internet

1. Push off-on Wi-Fi Router switch

2.Check connection between (Computer, Notebook, Mobile phone, Tablet, SmartTV) with Wi-Fi Router

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